If you have access to a resource that contains genealogical or historical information, please consider allowing us to list it here.

Look-up Rules:
1. ONE look-up per email
2. Do not ask for "any information", be specific about what you want.
3. Do not ask the volunteer to search outside the references he has volunteered to search.
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Angela LewisBooks:
NM Marriages - Church of San Antonio de Sandia (1771-1864), published by NM Genealogical Society, 1993.
Albuquerque Baptisms - Archdiocese of Santa Fe (1706-1850), published by NM Genealogical Society, 1983.
The Place Names of New Mexico (revised edition 1998), by Robert Julyan. The last book listed is wonderful and it's full of information. The back cover of the book says: "The Place Names of New Mexico is an invaluable guide to the state's geography and history. It explains more than 7,000 names of features large and small through the state-- towns, mountains, rivers, canyons, counties, post offices, and even abandoned settlements- -as well as providing relevant information about location, history, and current status. The revised edition contains more than fifty expanded and updated entries."
Lookup request must include one Surname with a first name or initial and location (if known) on where to search. Type all Surnames in capital letters so they can be identified easily.